Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How Being a Well-Rounded Student Can Set You Up for the Future

By Bailey Blair, TSCPA Upper Cumberland Chapter Student Ambassador 

Over the course of my time as a student at Tennessee Tech, I have found that balancing the different elements of life as a college student can be challenging, but also rewarding. From classes and homework, to making time for clubs and a social life, every day is full. So how can students manage to do all of these things well?

Let’s first take a look at two main goals of college students: academic success and campus involvement. Students should aim for academic success, because it can lead to scholarships and valuable relationships with professors. Good grades also reflect a strong work ethic and a wealth of knowledge of one’s field of study. Studying hard can lead to greater opportunities for students. 

Becoming a part of campus life also plays a major role during a student’s time in school. Students should aim to participate in clubs they are interested in, organizations relating to their major and events offered by their university. Students find networking opportunities, professional growth and a community to be a part of through campus involvement. Going the extra mile by investing time and energy into a club as a member and a leader will set you apart from others when applying for internships or jobs. Also, the strong relationships with professionals and university faculty that you might gain are helpful when you need advice or letters of recommendation. Getting involved is a valuable use of your time. 

Academic success and involvement clearly play an equally important role in the life of a college student. Learning how to balance the various responsibilities of college life can be overwhelming at times. What are practical steps students should take toward balancing the chaos of college? The following tips helped me get more organized and manage stress. First, I use a planner to plan out my schedule for the week. Planners are crucial to keeping a busy schedule organized and minimizing wasted time. Next, I frequently check my student email account to stay up to date on important announcements from my professors, the university and the on goings of campus. Most importantly, I am continually making an effort to eat healthier, exercise more and get more sleep. By taking care of myself, I am able to avoid getting sick and getting behind on my to-do list. Taking a few small steps in the right direction can go a long way. 

Effectively balancing your hectic schedule as a college student will ultimately lead to greater opportunities upon graduation. Employers want to know you are capable of handling the stress of a job and all of the different responsibilities they may give you. By staying involved on campus and making good grades, you can effectively show recruiters that you can handle the stress of your own life and the stress of a potential job. Competition is fierce in the job market, and it is crucial to set yourself up well early on in your career. Ultimately you want to be a well-rounded student who is ready to enter the workforce upon graduation, and learning to balance life as a student should set you up well for that.