Monday, November 13, 2017

Professors are a Student’s Greatest Asset

By Margaret Coleman, 2017 TSCPA Student Ambassador for Nashville Chapter

One of the greatest resources students can take advantage of during their time in academia is their professors. Professors have once been in your shoes before and have made it through to the other side. Professors can provide students with the knowledge, opportunities and guidance they need to enter the professional world successfully.

I did not always go to professors as a resource as I do today. As a freshman, I doubt I visited any of my professors’ offices, nor did any know me personally. I wish I had known how willing and able those professors were to help me along the way. Most professors would love for extra time to explain concepts and questions more in depth. Going to your professors’ office hours not only helps with understanding tough concepts, but they will see first-hand the effort you are putting in. Professors not only hold the key to success in your classes, but their knowledge extends to all areas of your intended career path.

Most of the opportunities I have received thus far in my accounting career have come from recommendations from my professors. Professors have gained their position through hard work and dedication, therefore becoming a trusted member of the accounting community. When future employers need a trusted recommendation, they go to professors because they know they can get an honest opinion. Opportunities not only come in the form of career recommendations; professors’ letters of recommendations can open doors in form of scholarship, internships and even ambassador positions like mine.

          Guidance from professors has been most helpful to me. Finding professors you can look up to for guidance is like finding a support team. Choosing a career path is not always easy, so having a support team to lean on and go to for questions is necessary. When you get to know your professors on a personal level, they can give much more personal guidance, not only in what fields may suit me more than others but more personal things as well. I have been able to ask questions such as, “What is the acceptable attire for this event?” to “Do you think I should have answered this interview question differently?”. They have been through the stages of our life we are currently working through and have the best advice to give.

          If students are willing to put in them time, the professors are more than willing and able to assist student in any way they can. I have found this to be true through the knowledge, opportunities and guidance I have received from my professors during my time in school. Professors are there for students. It is up to the students to use them as their greatest assets!

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