Monday, June 6, 2016

Five Quick Ways to Save Money

Are you trying to cut down on costs but still finding yourself short of funds some of the time? The Tennessee Society of CPAs offers these simple solutions to help you eliminate unnecessary spending and pump up your budget power.

Take a Gift Card to Lunch
Everyday indulgences, such as a morning latte or a takeout lunch, are a lot more expensive than bringing your own coffee or midday meal, but you may not have to give them up completely. Here’s one way to treat yourself without overspending: Decide how much you can afford to spend at your favorite coffee house or restaurant each month, then buy yourself a gift card for that amount from that establishment at the beginning of every month. Use it whenever you want something special, but don’t allow yourself any more splurges if the card runs out early. This way you’ll still be able to enjoy treats without busting your budget.

Drop Unused Channels 
Do you spend a lot of time watching TV or are you paying for premium channels that you never even use as part of your cable package? It may be smart to evaluate what you actually need when it comes to television service. The average household is expected to pay $200 per month for pay TV by 2020, according to the NPD Group. You could save yourself a nice amount each month by dropping any unused premium channels or other services you don’t actually need.

Reassess Your Ride 
When it comes to a car, is bigger always better? It cost $8,698 on average in 2015 to drive a typical sedan 15,000 miles in a year, according to the AAA, $9,372 for a minivan and $10,624 for an SUV with four-wheel-drive. Those numbers include average fuel, maintenance, tires, license and registration fees, taxes, depreciation and finance charges. If you’re wondering if that means that downsizing is best, check out an information resource like’s True Cost to Own® site to help you determine what your likely annual costs will be for the makes and models that interest you.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

TSCPA Talks Podcast

Have you checked out the TSCPA's newest member resource, TSCPA Talks?  

TSCPA Talks features CPA smarts & CPA stories from members and leaders in the field. Click here to listen to the first two episodes and keep checking back for upcoming talks!  Stream it straight from our website, or add it to your RSS feed via SoundCloud. It is also available to stream or download on iTunes and Stitcher.